the history of ConcertAudio

The first ConcertAudio products were developed in the 90s and have been on the market since then. We, EMT Event-Media-Tec GmbH, took over the brand in 2017.
Since our company was founded in 2006, we are service providers for professional event technology, have been renting out ConcertAudio products ourselves and used them in our rental park as well as on numerous permanent installations. We can not only look back on countless successful ConcertAudio projects but will now also invest our combined experience paired with visions and new ideas in the development, manufacturing of the products and continued existence of the brand.

the ConcertAudio Plus points

  • over 20 years on the market
  • engineered and made in Germany
  • highest quality at a fair price to performance ratio
  • immediate price and product information via webshop
  • buy, lease or rent
  • reliable, sustainable, durable
  • competent advice, practical service and support with short distances and quick processing
  • manageable, well thought-out, contemporary & user-tested product portfolio

The ConcertAudio sound

Good sound does not come by accident. The basis for a voluminous, warm sound is the resonance body almost every acoustic instrument has. With almost every instrument (for example a cello, a guitar or a piano) this is made of high quality wood, and so are our loudspeaker housings. Coupled with carefully selected electronic components and corresponding sound transducers, these form the basic framework for the unmistakable ConcertAudio sound. The fine tuning is carried out by complex acoustic measurements with the most professional measuring technology in our in-house measuring room. After extensive listening tests and various practical tests, the ConcertAudio sound is rounded off by the finest parameter adjustments in the associated DSP power amplifiers.

The ConcertAudio environmental concept

Our products are packaged exclusively in recyclable materials. We manufacture ConcertAudio loudspeaker housings from the natural material wood. In the form of a tree, the wood binds CO2 and provides oxygen, among other things. Trees are therefore an important part of intact nature. We therefore decided to plant a tree in our home forests for every ConcertAudio speaker sold.

The ConcertAudio Team

Our team consists of development engineers, sound and event technicians, musicians, electronics engineers, DJs and business people who all have one thing in common:
A passion for the perfect sound and the associated love for music.

Andreas Kienzle

Executive Director

+49 7032 95597-10
[email protected]

Jürgen Reidelbach

Executive Director

+49 7032 95597-13

[email protected]

Rainer Schulz 

Executive Director

+49 7032 95597-11

[email protected]

Jana Bauer

Assistant to the Mmanagement / Marketing
- on parental leave
+49 7032 95597-14

[email protected]

Benjamin Stöffler

E-Commerce / Marketing

+49 7032 95597-15

[email protected]

Felix Müller

Product Development

+49 7032 95597-0

[email protected]

Hannes Oberhauser

Technical Project Manager

+49 7032 95597-15

[email protected]

Axel Joppke

Event Technology Specialist (IHK)

+49 7032 95597-16

[email protected]

Larissa Kovacic

Event Manager

+49 7032 95597-17